Sohaib Hothi

Web Expert

Hey! I started my career in 2020. Since then, I’ve worked on countless projects. Currently, I’m the Digital Operations Manager at Hilton Enterprises, where I lead and oversee the technical aspects of our digital presence. With a background in web development and prior experience in intermediate-level product management, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking to optimize our websites, manage e-commerce platforms, and enhance overall user experiences. My passion for data-driven decision-making ensures our digital operations align with our business goals.

Who is Sohaib Hothi?

Welcome to my digital portfolio! I’m Sohaib Hothi, a Software Engineer and Product Manager with three years of experience in web development and product management. Based in Faisalabad, Pakistan, I’ve been deeply involved in crafting user-friendly websites, managing products from concept to execution, and ensuring seamless web maintenance and deployment.

In my current role as a Product Manager at RoomDaddy, I drive product strategy and development, ensuring that our digital solutions align with user needs and expectations. I’ve spearheaded projects that have generated revenue through various streams, and my hands-on experience spans the entire product development lifecycle, from understanding user stories to analytics, testing, and enhancement.

My earlier stint as a Software Engineer at RoomDaddy equipped me with technical prowess in web development, including expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and API integration. I’ve managed hosting and CPanel, worked on WordPress and SEO, and developed custom-built websites.

Beyond my professional roles, I’ve also held leadership positions, serving as the President of the Daira’19 Olympiad at FAST and the FAST Photography Society. These experiences have honed my teamwork and leadership skills.

Explore my portfolio to discover projects like RoomDaddy PMS, RoomDaddy Website, and InvestDXB, where I’ve leveraged tools and technologies like Google Analytics, Laravel, REST APIs, and more to create seamless user experiences. My skills in product management, WHM & CPanel management, database management, software and UX testing, SEO, and a range of programming languages make me a versatile and goal-oriented professional.

With a passion for innovation, strong communication skills, and an eye for detail, I’m dedicated to delivering web solutions that captivate and inspire. Join me on this journey of digital transformation, and let’s shape the future of the web together.